Every two years, APA Arkansas members elect four individuals to serve as President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, who assume office on January 1 of odd numbered years.

Other members of the APA Arkansas Board of Directors are appointed by the Chapter President.

Elected Positions

President - James Walden, AICP

President Elect - James Walden, AICP

Vice President - Danielle Semsrott, AICP

Treasurer - Nicole Gibbs, AICP

Secretary - Julie Luther Kelso, AICP, ASLA

Appointed Positions 

Membership Chair - Dianne Morrison Lloyd, AICP

Nominations Chair - Tyler Overstreet, AICP

Communications Chair - Beth Sketoe, AICP

Legislative Chair - Truett Smith, AICP

Professional Development Officer - Tim Reavis, AICP

Citizen Planner - Dan Boice

Member at Large - Marie Lindquist