Chapter-Only Membership

While there's incredible value in APA membership, you don't have to be an national member to join the Arkansas Chapter of the APA. Professionals and students alike can join as state-only members to take advantage of local programming and events.

Chapter-only membership is open to practicing planners, a professional in another field who is interested or involved in planning, an engaged citizen, academic professors, elected and appointed officials, students, and citizens who are otherwise eligible for National APA Membership but choose not to be.

The Chapter-only membership is a reasonably priced alternative for those who wish to become engaged in planning related issues, opportunities, and events in Arkansas. 

Regular $35/year
Student $20/year

for current undergraduate and graduate students; verification of status required

Chapter-only members may not participate in National APA Elections or hold National APA Office, however, such members may vote in Chapter Elections, serve on Chapter Committees, and be elected to or hold a Chapter Office other than Chapter President, Vice President, or Professional Development Officer (PDO).
Members of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) must retain membership in the National Association and therefore are considered "regular members".